Designing and combining visual elements cohesively while keeping with a concise, clear marketing directive is daunting for any brand. Luckily I go through this experience everytime I start a project with a new client. It begins with a conversation. I help identify the virtues behind the brand and then create imagery that translates their message to the intended audience . Below are samples of brands requiring a consistent look throughout various mediums.


Silicon Valley Fashion Week?! was an annual event hosted by Betabrand and Zappos that merges Silicon Valley's tech obsession with an industry that is foreign to the region, fashion. The event took place over three nights and represented more than 30 tech and fashion companies. Each night sold out to over 500 attendees. I had the chance to jump in on the creative process on the event's second year. Because the first year was very impromptu with little time to prepare, SVFW lacked branding. I essentially needed to start from scratch beginning with the logo.
Alternative Logo 1​​
Alternative Logo 2
Alternative Logo 3

Logo Development

The client really wanted to represent a mash-up of fashion and technology in the logo first and foremost. It is intended to be a lighter play on the high-fashion industry by injecting humanoid imagery. After many revisions, we decided on a logo that best fit the attitude of the event.
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Final Logo

Promotional Material

Once settled on a logo, I began crafting promotional materials. I designed flyers, web banners, background video for the home page and event space, and other promotional units to get ready for the day of the event. Staying true to the android theme I even got to turn a male and female model into cyborgs.

Day of the Event

Hosting at the GANTRY, an open warehouse space in Financial District of San Francisco, posed several challenges because of its irregular floor plan and obtrusions jutting out of the walls and ceiling. We used projectors and screens to cover any unsightly areas. I created two videos (pictured below) for these spaces. One is a spaceship hovering up and down and the other a circulation of employee faces slowly transforming into android faces (the animation is sped up below). In addition to the animations, I prepared visuals for the tickets, logo pattern for the backdrop, and other banners and signs hung throughout the space. The event had a great audience and was a big success for everyone who pulled it together. 


Laughing Monk is a brewery based out of the Bay View area in California. From personal experience, I can tell you they make a mean brew that keeps getting tastier. After a successful couple of years, they were looking to expand into distribution; particularly, they wanted to corner the elegant beer market. Similar to how wines are paired with food, the owner wanted a similar relationship with Laughing Monk's beer. The client asked for three labels total for their first batch, all of them alluding to monkhood. Below is a close up of the final and the sketch forms for Devil's Hoard, a dark beer with art inspired by Frederick Hart's Ex Nihilo.
Final Products

Final Designs

It was important that when the labels were placed next one another that they looked like a complete set. The art on label matches the flavor of beer to a degree too. Devil's Hoard is an aggressively bold, dark beer while Evening Vespers is mild and lighter. I collaborated with Erik McDonald for layout design on this project.
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Buttons for Beer Week Events
Laugh On Train Banner

SF Beer Week Branding

Every February, SF Beer Week rolls through carrying a tide of thirsty ale enthusiasts into town. For a brewery, this a good slice of profit and easy promotion. Laughing Monk asked me to create promotional material for the events they hosted all incorporating their monk character from the logo.
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