You may have noticed throughout the site that I have a thing for illustrating. I can traverse many different styles and comfortably tailor my illustration to fit within brand aesthetic. I've worked across many different mediums and feel comfortable drawing at any size or level of detail.

Luchaloha Pattern

Mix Hawaiian beach vibes with luchadors and you get Luchaloha. A project with Betabrand, this pattern was printed in mid 2018.
As a repeat

Sinful Dragons Print

These dragons like to drink barrel after barrel of mead, consume an acre's worth of food every week, and spend the entire day reclined, smoking a hookah. They are dragons of sin. Eventually these drawings were turned into a pattern and purposed for a shirt. If you look closely, the dragons are entirely composed of little tangled people.
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Baffin Brewery

Baffin Brewery opened not too far from my hometown in MI. I don't throw this around often but they make some of the best beer I've ever had. It was an honor when the owners approached me and asked to create a logo for their brewery. The result was a revision on a simpler logo they had prior of another dog wearing glasses. Baffin's new logo is a popular point of praise when they sell their booze at various beer festivals.
In Progress 1
In Progress 2