Services Offered


Hi. I'm Oleg Kolbasov. You may have heard about me from the logo above and yes, you probably guessed correctly that I am a designer. I've been in the industry professionally for almost a decade and have been drawing since I could make a fist. I've worked contracts for companies as massive as Facebook and as small as a local, neighborhood jewelry boutique. I'm now a fully-sufficient freelancer seeking out and taking on projects across the country. I love what I do and would love for a chance work with you. I deliver visually stellar and creatively provocative results and personally handle many different aspects of the design process so you don't spend your time finding expensive, outside third-party contractors. Fill out the form below if you're in need of an estimate or want to run through some questions before you committing to a project. Cheers!
You can also reach me at my daytime phone for any urgent needs or requests at
(248) 259-1562.